Honeycomb Paper Pad Packaging

Compared with traditional cosmetic bubble film packaging, 3D honeycomb paper packaging system has following advantages.

  • 100% recyclable paper material
  • Biodegradable
  • Food grade certification
  • Reusable

1. Green, environmentally friendly, clean and simple packaging method

3D honeycomb paper is a new cushion packaging system,
Which expresss a concept of sustainable development.
It provides a perfect and green packaging method for us, because its material is made of paper.
That’s telling us the feature is environmental and recycle.
A new choice for us.

2.Improve packaging efficiency and save time.

If you have different products and need auto warehouse operation, the honeycomb paper packaging system can be for product packaging quickly, and flexibly.
And  it can easily handle seasonal peak shipment periods, thus improving the convenience of packaging use.

3. Unique presentation of packaging results

With 3D honeycomb paper packaging, you can create a unique unpacking experience for customers.
Surprise, the items they buy are packaged like real gifts. Your customers will feel valued.
Suitable for cosmetics packaging, gift packaging, health care products packaging, fruit packaging, lighting packaging, etc.

4. Perfect packaging protection

The main goal of packaging is to minimize the damage rate.
3D honeycomb paper packaging provides your customers with the most suitable protection methods.
It also for fragile goods packaging and maximum satisfaction rate.

5. Less storage space and cost-effectiveness of packaging

This 3D paper, before being formed by the discharger, has the same appearance as ordinary cylindrical kraft paper (as shown below).
It can be extended by 1.68 times after passing through the discharger.
In addition, due to the reduction of material processing, the cost can be further reduced and the benefit can be improved.

6. Flexible packaging without adhesive tape.

When using honeycomb paper, the materials are made immediately as your actual needs.
Because of its flexible packaging way, it can be used with various methods to effectively protect the goods from damage during transportation.
In addition, there is no need for packaging tape when fixing the packaging.
As angled honeycomb structures are easy to lock with each other.

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