What is honeycomb paper sleeve?

Honeycomb paper sleeve is made according to the principle of honeycomb structure in nature.

It connects the original pulp kraft paper into numerous hollow three-dimensional hexagonal cell structures by adhesive bonding and forms an integral honeycomb-shaped force-bearing sleeve that is extremely flexible.

In natural state, the sleeve is compact. However, when fitted around an object, the sleeve expands open and takes on the form of the product within.

It is an ideal alternative to plastic packaging for protecting fragile items like glassware as 100% biodegradable and recyclable innovative protective packaging.
Honeycomb paper sleeve is lightweight, compact to store and good for economical shipping.

Honeycomb Paper Sleeve15
Honeycomb Paper Sleeve14
Honeycomb Paper Sleeve32

It looks delicate and strong at the same time. And it offers a single packaging solution as adaptable for any sizes and shape of body and items. Also, it will be memorable for customer. Normally brown and white paper honeycomb cushions are available at higher quantities.

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