FAQs for S2 Air Cushion Machine

Below are the frequently asked questions (FAQs) for our S2 air cushion machine.

1. What is air cushion machine?

Air cushion machine, also called air pillow machine, is a kind of automatically inflating machine for those films that need to be both inflated and hot sealed like air pillow bag, air bubble wrap roll and air cushion films.

2. Why choose S2 air cushion machine?

  • Heat fast with only about 30 seconds, saving packaging time.
  • Fast speed and high performance.
  • Adjustable temperature, wind and speed for different types of films.
  • Self-adaptable to AC 110V-220V voltage.
  • Made in China, much saving cost.
  • Lightweight, very convenient to delivery and move.

3. What kinds of film rolls can fit S2 air cushion machines?

ShinerPack film rolls have two types, for void filling and for wrapping.
Void filling – width 20cm for carton inside void fill
Available size 20*10cm, 20*12cm, 20*15cm, 20*20cm air pillows.
Wrapping – width 40cm for wrapping, corner bracing
Available for bubbles, multi pillows, double pillows.
S2 air cushion machines can use both width 20cm and 40cm, with all types.

4. Does S2 air cushion machines heavy?

S2 machines weight only 5kg. The machines are the most lightweight in the market, compared with that with same speed. It can be handy and easy to move. Very convenient.

5. What is the output for the air cushion machine? How many meters of film rolls can it make per minute?

12m/min max. Much faster than mini machine which is only about 3-5m/min in the market.

6. Is there an adjustment for the import voltage from 110V to 220V on this S2 machine?

No need to adjust by yourself. The machine will adapt to 110V voltage.

7. After air is blown, do we just pull it or need a cutter?

You just need to tear off the film and press the material in/out button to pull it out.

8. Besides the air cushion machine, do I need an air compressor also?

No, our machine will blow air and don’t need an air compressor for air supply.

9. How to install the machine for the first time?

Please kindly check below video for your reference. Any more question please feel free to contact us.

That’s all FAQs for our S2 machines. If you want to know more about air column bags, please contact our customer service on the homepage. We will reply to you within 24hours. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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